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web designThis website is designed for an artist located in surprise, Arizona. She needed a website that had content management functionality so that she would be able to update her gallery as she completed new works of art. Being an older lady it was important to my client that the system easy to use and that we provide support to show her how to use it.

I knew right away that WordPress was an ideal system for this Surprise web design client to manage her gallery, as the ease-of-use and ample available documentation made this an ideal platform to the site’s development. We often have clients that want to manage their websites whether it be editing their own text, blogging, or even creating landing pages and other content for their website. One of the advantages to using My Favorite Web Designs in the creation and maintenance of your web presence is that we provide support to companies and individuals in the form of training so that they are able to take full advantage of the content management functionalities inherent in the WordPress system.

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We provided the client with an instructional video that went over the basics of managing her portfolio. This was the perfect medium for this visual artist to consume this information and she was able to duplicate it and to this day performs her own editing. My Favorite Web Designs is able to provide this type of support to any client looking to manage their own website and do their own editing.

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The website design employs a customized WordPress theme that is lightweight and built using CSS HTML and PHP to form an efficient base for the site with a small footprint. It is important that the site you get built for your company is created using standards compliant code with no excessive or unnecessary parts. We also form the foundation for our website without using JavaScript as JavaScript is not always supported on mobile devices and does not always work well with all types of browsers on all computers.

Another advantage to a clean coded theme without JavaScript is that it can be updated whenever our client wishes without fear of plugin conflicts with theme coding. Many premade themes are reliant on JavaScript and if the plug-ins for WordPress core are updated without the theme being updated the JavaScript compatibility falls apart and the site renders incorrectly, degrading the user experience. For this reason, My Favorite Web Designs recommends building websites that are not overly reliant on JavaScript or other more exotic forms of code for their implementation and basic functionalities.

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Website design for artist In Surprise Website designed for artist In Surprise porfolio Website designed for artist porfolio

In closing, whether you be an artist in need of a website or a small business looking to establish or improve their web presence, My Favorite Web Designs is an affordable and rewarding choice for your next project. We have the technical aptitude and programming experience to create success for our clients that can translate into conversions and visitors on the web. Our sites are well positioned for search engine optimization in Phoenix, and due to their ease-of-use and terrific user experiences can be taken to the top of search rankings with the help of a skilled search marketing professional. If you are considering web marketing or redoing your website please contact Joshua Jacoby the owner of My Favorite Web Designs for a quote on your website whether you are located in surprise Arizona or any other part of AZ.

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