This web design and seo project was performed for a Glendale, Arizona AC contractor by My Favorite Web designs. I designed everything personally including the logo and the slideshow, and built out the website in wordpress.

For anyone with any lingering doubts about the effectiveness of the wordpress as an SEO platform, I submit for you that after 6 short months of SEO we have temperature masters top 3 for a variety of keywords, from Glendale AC contractors to Phoenix heat pumps, resulting in very nice traffic for our client.

To estimate the value of your My Favorite Web Designs SEO program, look at PPC. We helped this company with PPC, and they got up close to $12 a click in the middle of the summer. We now average 30 unique visitors to this lovely wordpress website, each and every week. If we went super conservative and estimated each click at $7, we still end up providing over $800 worth of value, and that number increases each and every month.

Our company does not do a lot of advertising – we prefer to put extra time into our SEO customers, and let their business results and products speak for themselves.