The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta

This Mesa Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney contacted My Favorite Web Designs for help with their SEO. One thing I noticed when working with their site was that the WordPress theme was circa 2006, and not compatible with most of today’s awesome WordPress plugins. We built a brand new design, from scratch. The lawyers and I went back and forth until we had the design perfect, at which point I built it out into a working Custom WordPress theme, replete with standards compliant CSS, HTML, Jquery slideshow and a smooth CMS for all of it.

When building the skin, I use the minimal amount of code, and keep 95% of my code as external CSS, which makes the design easier for search engines to read. I use Jquery animations instead of Flash for tons of stuff as well, such as the slideshow on this website, which makes for better SEO and better performance. I also design the content sections into hierarchy for search performance, which I do naturally. For instance, My Favorite Web Designs website is split into services and portfolio, both of which have separate Web Design and SEO sections. The Portfolio section will ultimately flow to the appropriate landing pages within the services categories, achieving my desired flow. Along the same lines, this website is arranged hierarchically, as you can see.