Website Designed For Insurance Broker In Scottsdale / Phoenix

Designing a website for an insurance agent has many of the same requirements as creating a web presence for any other type of company. Insurance agents to educate their clientele about their products, much the same as a car mechanic might educate a client about their repair. For this reason, it is useful for websites to have a blog where the owners of the business can place valuable information about their subject. In this instance the insurance broker elected to blog heavily, and we arranged his website so that his blogs would play a prominent role in the marketing.

Even though the Scottsdale insurance company is a small business with one agent, they needed a web presence that was professional and often well-designed enough that they would be able to convert customers who had high and/or large-volume business which they needed insured. The design components are critical when trying to create an ambience for a company. Cheap or flashy design and send a very negative signal potential buyers about the quality of your product or service, and can often come across pushy or cheap. A clean AZ web design was needed, but with enough flair to match the logo and create a branded presence.

We went with the green and black as the colors, partly because the client was Irish and the green suited his design taste. We design the website using HTML, CSS, PHP and other web programming languages. Even though the design was highly customized we still managed to create a WordPress theme that was very lightweight and easy for search engines to crawl. Part of the key to designing a website that meets these criteria is considering the amount of JavaScript or custom PHP code that you use in building your website. While there are many cool things you can do with JavaScript if you are able to accomplish a similar feet using CSS you will end up creating a website that is lighter weight and more cross device compatible. It is also wise to avoid too much custom code as JavaScript is a common culprit when conflicts arise between themes and plug-ins.

The design was a huge success and achieved its objective of attracting high-end clientele. Search engine optimization campaign that was conducted was also highly successful and resulted in multiple first page and first position rankings for this website that in turn resulted in sales and conversions for our client, a success for any SEO company in Mesa Arizona.

The cost of creating a website like this was not as dramatic as you may think. In this instance owner of the business was very involved in creating the content for his website, and this meant that we were able to cost-effectively create blog posts and landing pages for the search engine optimization program, a huge advantage. Even though the cost was not huge by working collaboratively in the design and content creation process with our client we were able to come up with a web presence for his business that is truly able to convert the target demographic.