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Phoenix Health Insurance is one of the biggest individual and group health agencies in Phoenix Arizona. They represent thousands of families in their pursuit and acquisition of healthcare coverage, and in these turbulent times for the healthcare markets, they needed a way to disseminate the latest developments to their potential clients. This website was a perfect vehicle for this. It is both Phoenix SEO friendly, and quick to load. It has video prominently displayed, so the brokers message to his clients could be delivered in a most personal way. Since web traffic is expected to increase to 80% of all content consumed on the web by 2019, it is really smart to begin integrating that type of content into your message.

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Business Insurance Websites VS Health Insurance Web Design VS Auto Insurance Sites And Marketing

Doing website design in Phoenix for an insurance company requires an understanding of that company’s target audience. There are many different types of insurance companies focused on many different types of products and it is important to understand what type of product the brokerage you were working with specializes in. Business brokers will want to target corporate clients, entrepreneurs and other business type entities, many consumers will need insurance for their automobiles, health, death, and other things related to their day-to-day life and their family life.

we also know that even within the automobile insurance industry there are brokerages that are focused on individual automobile insurance and brokerages that are focused on Commercial auto insurance and many brokerages that don’t want to touch automobile insurance at all.

Understanding all these things about the insurance website you are about to build allows you to construct effective navigation designed to Route clients to appropriate products for the business. Search engine optimization Works in much the same way comma by understanding the exact types of keywords that your client needs to Target you are able to make suggestions about additional keywords that may have more value.

This website is of course mobile and tablet friendly and loads quickly to keep Google Happy and mobile consumers on the site. Website speed is and will continue to be a big issue in ranking and marketing period we are saying a lot of websites get bloated with overly large images and unnecessary JavaScript files. Eileen website design can significantly contribute to your clients ability to use the sighting. There will be less JavaScript conflicts and freeze ups on their browser comma less load time particularly for the mobile devices and if websites overall conform to these principles of conservation it will lead to far less energy usage worldwide and less deployment of expensive fiber and Cable Systems, which ultimately is a very green and environmentally friendly thing. So in short right lean code and save the environment!


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