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Websites for accountants are fun. Typically accountants under invest into their web presence. Many accounts we meet are so constantly accustomed to being under the gun for deadlines that they rarely give time and attention to business building activities that could help them multiply their practice. When we do run into accounts who are focused on their web presence and their web marketing, we are able to help them to great effect. Accountants need a website that inspires trust in their clients, through the use of clean design good color and Trust building icons.

This client was launching a new website for their business and needed a shark look that was both mobile and tablet and desktop friendly. We use the Avada theme on a WordPress platform as we often do. We do use other teams but we love using Avada and have mastered many aspects of it, which allows us to really excel in doing design for that template. Important note about the theme with which you start it is only limited and it’s looks by the skill of your Mesa web designer. Our web sites are definitely not one to another that it is almost impossible to tell we are using the same template as a base for creation and marking up all those sites.

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Search engine optimization in Mesa is a tricky thing with many modern websites. There a lot of consideration that force optimizers to choose between aesthetics optimization. Princeton’s many clients like slideshows and their headers. We know from extensive split testing and marketing research That animated slideshows at the top of a website do not increase conversion in any way. Nonetheless like them in order to establish ambience and because they personally feel that lends to the appearance of their website and the professionalism of their company.


Has the marketing professional it is my duty to give the best advice to my clients that I can, but I have also learned over the years to temper that advice based on my understanding of the client’s goals for their company. There are many things that passionate business owners want their companies to do or say things in representing themselves that may be at odds with what other people may think is more conventional or better idea. A common trait for entrepreneurs is they are able to move forward with the strength of their convictions and often make that work well with the sheer force of their will.


Another interesting note about big Graphics high up on important landing pages is the above the fold penalty. We know that Google encourages website owners to place their most valuable content at the tippity top of their page so that visitors to the website can gain the answers they are looking for with the minimum amount of searching around. Having too much of you are good content outside of visible range is considered having content below the fold. While Graphics maybe flashy and look cool they can often work against themselves by making pages harder to navigate and less friendly for search engines.


We have also seen a trend towards animated headers where the background is a video or other animation. This can be a good thing for design as long as the animation that is loaded is not overly onerous on load time. Well a lot of clients will think they must use videos for those backgrounds comma we find that animated gifs can often achieve the same effect with a fraction of the overhead in terms of load. Load is still super important to conversion and to search engine optimization period if you think about Google as a company it cost them money to crawl the web and when they must crawl slow websites it costs them more money. Also when they are crawling on necessarily large websites that will also cost them more money as they must process more data. By penalizing websites over a certain size Google effectively encourages a leaner and meaner web that is more cost-effective for it to index and serve. Aside from the Big Brother Theory it also does definitely make the web easier to use on mobile devices and sore internet connections. From a personal perspective as a designer I hate blue above all other things and really do not mind websites that are stripped down and quick loading. I will catch that statement with the caveat that I hate AMP pages because I feel that they take that way too far and strip out the entire user experience unnecessarily.


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