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Neighbors For Dan Carroll was a political website for a local election. My Favorite Web Designs is a natural fit for anyone looking to promote a political candidate. We have the experience with digital media needed to kick start your online presence. It is not enough to just build a site – you must make it findable on search engines, and then create great content for it, and then share that out on social and other outlets. Moreover, to really have an impact, you should plan on having videos, blogs and pictures to help promote your content being shared. When looking for a political marketing company for the 21st Century, My Favorite Web Designs has web promotion down to science and can help your campaign succeed. 

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Political website need to have the same considerations as many normal websites, but there are a few interesting things about political marketing to note:

  • The #1 purpose of many of these sites is to collect subscribers, so the politician builds their constituency
  • The messages in politics are very important, and all need to be approve by the candidate or their team
  • Split testing matters in politics. In 2008, Barack Obama’s campaign became the first presidential candidate to split test and optimize landing pages for conversion. 
  • The social message really is important. Many political sites integrate social media feeds like twitter, so the politicians message can be sent once and appear across multiple platforms. 
  • Mobile is really, really big. Considering the majority of browsing is now mobile, and that number is projected to increase, the mobile experience needs to be front and center. 
  • You need to web design in Mesa for your constituency. If you are targeting ecologically minded voters, you may want your site blue, green and white. If you are targeting older votes, you may want silver and black or red white and blue. Animated elements can often be a big turn off, especially for seniors. 

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