More Than One Facebook Per Company?

The Advantages Of Consistent Branding With Social Media

Using Social Media To Establish A Brand And Protect Against SEO Penalties

It may be most advantageous to do one facebook for the following reason: Lets say someone get 5000 fans. Lets say those 5000 people each has 100 friends, so now your reach is to half a million people on the social graph. By keeping your social reach coming from one source, you drastically increase the odds of having a like from someone your potential customer knows by association, which is a big plus in search and in selling, since there is a personal recommendation.

Moreover, getting your fans locally makes sense for local customers. Becoming a community name is a sensible strategy for a local grocery, clothing store, eatery or other small business looking to establish a web presence. By having one facebook, you increase the geo-relevance of your business, which are important social signals search engines likely use, and definitely will soon.

There are other things you can do to establish geo-relevance. You can build landing pages on your business facebook for your other areas, and have visitors from that local area direct to this page. But it should be all in one well branded account. By using a second page, you are diluting the brand somewhat.

Exceptions To This Rule

1. When a product in your line is a brand unto itself, and must be branded separately. A good example of this is – this is a line under the pepsi brand, which is a line under their parent company. but the individual branding efforts were strong enough to justify the separate branding. Basically, if you do go for a second brand, make it a strong brand, having a strong brand and then weak sub-products will eventually lead to a reduced perception of the brand, as it will be seen to be retailing unpopular products or services.

2. Large Geographic differences, or different languages. This does not need to apply to all things – as in the above example, going geo-relevant may be a drawback – better to have landing pages for areas or local campaigns. A good example of businesses that would need local support would be a service company – if they operated doing roof repair in 2 different states, it may be relevant enough to the other area to separate the brand. But again, if you must separate, all the separate pages must be strong and consistent.

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