Search Engine Optimization

Helping local Mesa AZ & Businesses nationwide reach the top of Google search results

The search engine optimization services offered by my favorite web designs are designed to help small and medium-sized Mesa Arizona businesses achieve their goals on the web. We know that there is no secret sauce to search engine success, but that rather it is the fundamentals of design and accessibility as recommended by Google,  combined with intelligent and targeted content creation, and a well executed link building campaign. We create successful strategies and work to generate positive ROI for clients with very varied budgets and business models. 

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Cross-Promotions
  • Website Optimization
  • Local Directory Management
  • & Much More

Adwords Management

Build your site traffic with fully
optimized Google click ad campaigns
Click Campaign Adwords Management Company Tempe Arizona

From keyword selection, to proper analytics integration and landing page experience, My Favorite Web DEsigns brings a very technical oriented approach to Adwords Management. Our service is hourly, and does not attempt to charge a retainer or percentage. As web design and SEO experts, we are perfectly positioned to help clients create and optimize their PPC campaigns. From landing page creation and optimization to testing mobile experience and optimizing keywords, the same Mesa website optimization strategies are used in both marketing disciplines.

Web Development & Design

Advanced web development & Website Design services

We have been doing web design in Mesa for over 8 years. A big part of selecting a marketing company is their ability to work on your website. We don’t farm out our work, we do it all in house to ensure quality. Joshua Jacoby, the owner, is also the senior developer and designer, which is completely vital in overseeing the people working for him and being able to correct any product produced by My Favorite Web Designs for their internet marketing clients.

Web Marketing VS Other Marketing

Honestly, web marketing is so dominant, there are very few other types of marketing that make sense. You can do door knockers, postcards, fliers, sign twirlers, referral campaigns, etc… but they just don’t compare to modern web marketing techniques for generating a positive ROI with your Mesa Arizona marketing budget.

3 Most Profitable Form Of Web Marketing

Organic, Email, PPC – in that order. Social is after these. While some brands have had success on other channels, these three are considered the big 3 when looking Mesa business marketing strategies. My Favorite Web Designs helps clients in Mesa and around the valley with these marketing campaigns, and can help you use them synergistically to bring about best ROI – doing a post card, share the promo on social, do PPC to the zip the cards are going, do a landing page for that area and link from cards with a QR code, etc…

Choosing A Marketing Company

Our marketing company is based on my success and experience as a web designer and Search engine optimization consultant. If the company you are working with does not have these as core competencies, and does not have the ability and tech personnel to out think the competition, they will likely not be able to execute as well, and you will be hindered by employee turnover, unreliable contractors, shifting deadlines and more.

Blog & Page Management

For our marketing clients, we make any and all changes needed to your website, and many of our clients have us manage their blog for them. Whether you like to write and simply need a pro to post and share your content, or whether you want your marketers to write your content for you and do 100% of the editorial process for your campaigns, My Favorite Web Designs have the creative talent to accomodate your Blog and Website management needs.

Online Reviews Management

Imagine 5 years from now. You are in your car, coming home from work, and your wife calls, asking what you want for dinner. Are you going to pull over and take out your phone? Are you going to pause your movie or stop doing laundry or one of a million other things to check a screen? The odds are you will instead have a conversation with your AI. And when you ask your AI to select a place for you to get chinese food, what do you think AI will base its decision on? Bingo. Online reviews. If you are not managing your reputation, you risk being made obscure on the internet by Google and other AI.

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