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A moving company in Gilbert Arizona needed help with their website. They were migrating from a 1 and 1 site builder site to a full featured self hosted WordPress website. We were also contracted to assist with the marketing. We began with a design that really made the site stand out, emphasizing their reviews on third party websites such as google and BBB. We optimized the site for load time, and the pages for usability. We installed contact forms and clear call to actions. Once the new site was done, we had the client review and approve it via a testing url which we sent to them. This allowed them to make changes before we launched.

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Getting ready to launch an existing site on a new platform or template can be very sensitive work. There are a number of things that can be done which can be disastrous for the existing site’s SEO in Gilbert, some of the common culprits we see:

  • Changes in URL can be devastating to rankings, as the age of a URL and its history is important to Google. 
  • Changes in themes can have unintended consequences, like hiding data in JS, blocking resources, slow load times, bad SEO design, etc…
  • Changes in platform usually mean changing themes, with much the same problems. Changing platforms also means possibly losing related files like media or other uploads, so be careful not to lose content. 
  • Changing hosting is the same warnings as platforms. Don’t lose content. Test accessibility. Register webmaster tools, etc…
  • Changing to SSL can also be dangerous, if redirects are not set up, canonical is incorrect, mixed content warnings, etc…

In closing, we pulled this migration off for this client without a hitch, but be sure to work with a pro with experience in SEO and Web Design in Gilbert when looking to move your content. 


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