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    Tell me about your business.
    What is your main products or services, how long you have been in business, etc.

    Do you have a website currently?
    If so, please list the URL below, and let us know things you liked or disliked on this site.

    What type of client do you serve?

    All ConsumersLow Income ConsumersHigh Income ConsumersOther BusinessesAll Of The above

    Do you currently have a logo?

    Yes, I have a logo and sent it to youMy logo is currently being designedI need design for my logo as well

    Do you have images of your products or service you can send?

    Yes, I have images and sent them to youI'm working on gathering images to sendI have no images; we can stick with stock images

    Google explicitly asks to identify the person responsible for the content of a website. We recommend having your picture several places on your website.

    Yes, I have a headshot or photo and sent it to youI will have a headshot soonI definitely do not want my face on the site, despite Google's recommendations.Other

    Do you currently have a domain name & if so what is it?

    Do You Currently have hosting?

    I already have hostingI'm getting my own (please discuss to ensure good 3rd party hosting, vital for SEO)I want space on the MFWD VPS (fastest, best for SEO results, $200/year)

    Will your new site need a shopping cart?

    It will not need a cartIt will need a cart, but payment will be through PayPal onlyIt will need a cart and be set up to take cards on site through a merchant processor

    Are there any custom functionalities needed?

    Are there websites whose look you admire?

    Do you have color scheme you prefer?

    Is SEO a big factor in this new site?

    SEO is important, but so is everything elseI don't care if people find me through web searchI definitely intend to do SEO after my site is done

    How many pages will this new site have?

    4-8 pages: basic info, home, about, services, testimonials, contact8-16 pages: to include pages for each of my products / servicesIt might be a large site: I need to have many pages listing my many services or products

    Do you have the content already written?

    All my content will be emailed to you upon startI will have my writing and photos to you a week or so after startingI need help with my content, I have no idea what to say

    Anything else I need to know before quoting or embarking up this design?

    Selling Points

    How many years of experience do you have in your profession, or how long has your company been around?

    What licenses do you hold?

    What trade organizations if any do you belong to?

    What type of warranty do you provide?

    Do you work on any equipment, any brand?

    Do you do install new and repair, or just install new?

    Do you do any custom work we can mention in our advertising materials?

    Do you do maintenance?

    How long does a typical install, repair, or other job take?

    Do you service companies and individuals?

    Can you give us any pricing we can advertise?

    Any other selling points you can provide?

    Is your business veteran owned? YesNo