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The Superstition Business Network is a networking group for business located in the east valley near the superstition springs area. This group needed a website to showcase their organizations members, and to create a space where new members could apply to join. We set the site up using WordPress, and as usual we built on top of the Avada theme. While there are many other themes that can be used, we like Avada because it is very widely supported, and powers 100’000’s of websites, so we do not have to worry about discontinued support. We also like that Avada is the swiss army knife of themes – in competent, capable hands this theme can be made to look literally anyway that you can imagine. While do still create custom themes from scratch on occasion, I can no longer in good conscience recommend that, this theme is the next step in Mesa web design evolution, and most other themes are somewhat clunky and backwards by comparison. 

logo for arizona business network, superstition business network

In creating this website, one of the elements we implemented was a slideshow. People like slideshows because they create an ambiance, an impressive feel for your site. In Mesa SEO, we dislike sliders because it hides content behind JS, and slows load times, and statistically does not contribute to conversion. The school of thought is that by having stuff scroll, users often are not able to get the entire message, and this is bad UI (user interface). The solutions include using arrows so users can navigate your scroll bars, but even better is a static graphic, which can set ambiance as well and has better conversion rate. However, as a designer, I know some of my clients really want a slider, so I make sure to judge each situation and create the site for the client I am working with and their demo, and not rigidly limit my creativity with slavish devotion to guidelines and best practice. 


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