This website was designed for a small business in Mesa Arizona that specializes in taking care of a loved ones final resting place. The business was just launching and needed a brand and an internet presence.

We designed the website in WordPress so that it would be scaleable for expansion later on. It also allowed us to install tools on his website for advertising his specials, such as an RSS feed and a sitemap that updates itself regularly.

The customer requested that the design resemble a heavenly appearance, so as to import to the viewer a sense of calm and to remind the user of the passing onto a better place. We created the clouds in the background using photoshop cs5, then simply adding the framework on top of that.

We design in plain HTML, then convert to wordpress for use as a template. This has the benefit of being portable. Should the client need to change servers or setup his same look on another domain, all he needs to do is upload the file for the theme. WordPress even has the amazing ability to allow you to upload your theme as a zip file.