Another WordPress website by Joshua Jacoby, owner of My Favorite Web Designs. A professional wordpress designer knows the value of an easy content management system, and this Arizona web designer is no exception.

Featuring dynamic updating testimonials, smooth slider for the front page, it has elements of Jquery, HTML, PHP and more. If anyone needs a good Arizona WordPress Website Design And Development professional, please contact me for a free quote.

Website design for this client was a slam dunk – they used easy color, black and blue. In addition, the company had a very clear content plan. Many times, web design best practices tells us to wireframe, or represent what content goes on what URLs, and where these things would link – the wireframe maps out the flow. This client did not need a wireframe, they had their content mapped out into a good user interface.

I did discuss with this client the naming of the links on their site. Some of the links were named with words that did not mean anything, which is defined as mystery meat navigation, because the client has no way of knowing what the link they are clicking is about. This is in violation of web design best practices, but in my experience you can educate clients on what best practice is, but it is not OK for me to browbeat them into accepting those recommendations. On the flipside, some design or SEO issues can cause penalties, and I am much more aggressive in educating clients on any activities that might end up getting their site a penalty and downgrade in search engine rankings.

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