Terms And Conditions For Web Design, Hosting And SEO

Who Owns The Code And Content On My Website?

The client always owns all work done for them, including any graphics, any writing, any programming, coding, blogs, etc… We will never try to claim ownership for work that clients have paid for.

Who Own My Local Listings, Social Media & Other Accounts?

You own everything, we put all available login info on our spreadsheets, and never with hold logins, even in circumstances of unpaid bills.

Who Owns My Domain Names?

The client owns their domain names, always, even if we happen to purchase it for you, you still own it if it was purchased on your behalf.

SEO Terms

1. MY FAVORITE WEB DESIGNS, LLC (MFWD herein) does not guarantee exact ranking or placements, nor make any guarantees as to increases in traffic or rank.
2. The Google ranking algorithm is complex, confidential and ever changing. Should a site under our control or at any point after being optimized be penalized or simply lose rankings due to a change in the way Google or other search engines perceive the site, MFWD will not be held liable for changes made to 3rd party search algorithms.
3. All SEO work is performed at $40/hr. All design work is performed at $75/hr. MFWD reserves the right to determine which hours are needed in the course of SEO. MFWD reserves the right to change or increase pricing for hourly work on monthly contracts with 30 days written or emailed notice.

Web Design Terms

1. MFWD designs for IE8, IE9, Firefox and Chrome and Safari. We do not warranty IE6, IE 7 or other browsers.
2. MFWD Warranties the work performed for 1 year. Changes to content, style, functionality, or fixing the site due to user error is all considered outside the warranty.
3. Sites built or maintained by MFWD to have attribution link for work placed somewhere on site, preferably in the footer but if not then a blog post referencing the new build and design by MFWD with link is fine as well.

The Terms under which we deliver services of SEO and Website Design

Hosting Terms

1. MFWD hosts customer websites in many instance. We use a VPS, which provides much better performance for customer sites. We do backups once a month, and we cannot guarantee against hacking or data loss, or failure of backup technology, should that occur. Our own sites are on this VPS, and we use security and protect the VPS to the best of our technical ability, but 3rd party system failures and acts of nature, terrorism, hacking and other types of risk exist intrinsically with any data system, and we are not liable for these failures, any more than any other hosting company would be.
2. MFWD provides email as part of the hosting package. We do not: Allow storage of files on the server more than 2gigs in email files cumulatively, or more than 1 gig per email account. all these files can be backed up on your machine locally, but we pay an arm and a leg for quality, fast storage space. Moreover, while we provide email, we do charge hourly past one free hour for email support, in hooking your device up to mobile devices or desktops or anywhere else with an open port 26.
3. Payments for hosting must be remitted within 14 days of invoicing. If payment is not received within 14 days, a final deletion notice will be sent giving the customer an additional 7 days to contact and pay My Favorite Web Designs prior to deletion. Notices will be sent to email addresses provided by customers at time of contract.
4. Transferring websites is not included in the cost of the hosting. Customers are free to backup and transfer their own websites at any time but if a technician from MFWD is required to assist in the transferal process additional costs will be incurred for time and material. Additionally, our websites our developed on a linux system running Apache. We do not guarantee or warranty our work with other hosting configurations. MFWD reserves the right to insist that a customer retain their own web technician to complete the transfer process if MFWD declines to do so.
5. For customers who wish to terminate their hosting package please provide written notice of termination to MFWD within 14 days of receipt of invoice for new billing period.

Billing & Service Terms

1. MFWD reserves the right to cease work for any individual or corporation, at any point.
2. MFWD does not offer refunds on services performed for web design or for SEO, whether the project was completed or not.
3. MFWD bills hourly for time. MFWD reserves the right to charge for phone calls, meetings, travel time, emails or any other activity related to the project or customer.

Disclaimer for all work performed: Technology is pieced together from hundreds of third party sources, from the compiler that pieces together the machine code to the browser that interprets the HTML to the server that interprets the PHP. These many interconnected system are liable to failure as any piece of software, and we do not warranty any problems with or changes to third party technologies.