Website Design and SEO Internship

Looking to get into the web design and Search engine optimization field?

Web Design and SEO By My Favorite Web Designs
favorite Web Designs is a small business, with 5 full time workers. We are looking to hire an intern to perform duties for the company. There would be a mix of duties, much of it would be search engine optimization work the first month, specifically helping to set up local listings for clients, publish blogs on WordPress websites, photoshopping, cataloging and naming images, etc…

In the second month of the internship, we would begin to work more on website design and graphic design projects, though I demand a lot of applicants going into this part. Here is how it must work in order to work: I spend hours of my time, which is extremely valuable to me, training the applicants on technical skills or providing coaching so they can then spend hours iterating a project I would have done in 20 minutes flat. This is OK – this is how businesses and people grow. But if I am going to spend that kind of time, I need to be thoroughly convinced of your aptitude and commitment before I will invest much of my time.

SEO and Web Design Internship in Mesa, Arizona

Things Expected Of Interns

1. Show up on time, rested, no dress code, jeans and a tshirt is fine. We do have clients at the office from time to time, so we need to have a basic level of presentableness, but we dress like computer programmers basically.
2. When you are given a task, tear it apart. This is an internship, you make it or you don’t. If you are given a task big or small, stupid or important, please apply yourself to get it done quickly and accurately, we are really nice about everything here but we totally judge our Arizona web design interns on their hustle and care, it will determine your future at the company.
3. Do homework when given. We get assignments that need to be done very, very quickly. If you are trained to do a logo, and I say I need the logo for tomorrow and you go home to work on it, you need to come back with a grand slam for the client that gets our company more business, not something half assed you spent half an hour on.

AZ design and SEO Internship Payscale

We have many activities where you will fill a need that earns us money. You should be compensated for every single one of those. We have a estimated hours for almost all the projects you will be working on, we will assign hours per task, hours over the assigned hours would be unpaid on your time. To begin, we need to review all work done and correct and train, it is time intensive for my guys and costs money, so we begin the pay scale at $8/hour.

Ok, so basically that is the spiel. I do not need a website design intern, and I am offering this web design and SEO internship in the hopes of finding someone who can grow with my company, and who really is a enthusiastic about running a great company with me, I give people all the responsibility they will take.

Where is this internship located?

How Do I Apply?


  • Own a computer, with an internet connection in your home. We do not do a lot of homework, but you may need to occasionally, and generally this seems to select better fits.
  • Have basic computer skills
  • Excellent reading and writing skills
  • Photoshop skills or Knowledge of WordPress a plus

If all that looks good, email me,, send your resume and any reasons you think you would work for this position. Lastly, please put “SEO & Web Design applicant” in your subject line.

Joshua Jacoby