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Calgary has a thriving business environment. In fact, it is the second most popular city for corporate headquarters in all of Canada, including some of the country’s largest companies. With some many big dogs on the scene, it can be hard to get any attention for your business, whether it’s a small labor of love or a medium sized business with resources. One of the most effective ways to get the notice you need is to create a professionally designed website.

While any person can slap up a WordPress site and call it good, only a professional web designer can create a site that gets noticed and gets you the traffic that you need. My Favorite Web Designs has the experience and skill that your business needs to create a truly exceptional website that will help you take your business to the next level.

WordPress web design is a popular choice for businesses of all types – and for good reason. My Favorite Web Designs prefers WordPress web design in Calgary because it creates stunning results that are easy for both users and business owners to navigate and manage. Once we implement the site, we optimize it for search results and turn it over to you. The content management system is very user friendly, so you’ll be able to update it and manage it with ease.

Our full packages of search engine optimization services can help you climb to the top of search results quickly, ensuring that you get the exposure and the contacts you need to increase sales and foster customer relationships. With the right professional website designed uniquely for your company, your possibilities are unlimited. We are passionate about helping your business grow, contact My Favorite Web Designs for a free consultation.

Joshua Jacoby is the founder of My Favorite Web Designs, and he does all the programming, development and design himself. He uses his decade of experience and training to help his clients get the websites they need to stand apart from the crowd and get the clients they need to succeed.


Hannah LeGassey
Hannah LeGasseyWeb Designer
Hannah is the senior designer for My Favorite Web Designs. She has designed dozens of websites, for corporations large and small. From innovative icon design to graceful use of jquery to animate elements of the user interface, Hannah is one of the most tasteful designers in the business.
Josh Jacoby
Josh JacobyWeb Designer
Over 10 years of Web Design & SEO, Josh is the owner and senior developer at My Favorite Web Designs. Josh is experienced with HTML, CSS, PHP, JS. Josh has also pioneered many of the marketing programs at My Favorite Web Designs based on his ongoing research into website design and SEO.
Alexandra Roberson
Alexandra RobersonWeb Designer
Alexandra has shown a natural eye for design. As a millennial user, she help provide good insight into a new generation of web users. Currently, Alexandra is focused on landing page design and blog remodeling for existing websites, which is one of the biggest areas which we find clients needing help.

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