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Tempe Arizona is a growing city located in the heart of the Phoenix Valley. I actually lived in Tempe and went to school at ASU when I first moved to Arizona, and I have a deep affinity for the city. While my web design and search engine optimization company is located in East Mesa, we are just a short distance from Tempe Arizona and routinely do meetings with clients at their place of business in Tempe.

Tempe business owners often look for website design and search specialists that are located close to them so that they can do meetings in person and show their marketing guy what it is that they do and where they want to take their business. I pride myself on the relationships I built with clients, and very much enjoy meeting business owners in person, it is one of the distinct advantages that my web marketing company can offer local Tempe easy businesses and which can be of real benefit to us both.


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Tempe AZ Website Design And SEO

My Favorite Web Designs specializes in WordPress websites for Tempe businesses, though we have deep experience programming and designing in a multitude of other platforms and languages. I personally recommend the WordPress platform because it is one of the most widely supported communities out there today, and its extensibility makes it a ideal choice for anyone looking to design a website that may one day require more functionality.

In addition you may have heard it said that WordPress websites have large SEO advantages over non-WordPress websites and I want to explain why. While there is nothing that a WordPress website can do that another website cannot do it is the ease-of-use and the cost-effectiveness that makes WordPress the powerhouse that it is. For instance we submit to Google Webmaster tools a site map for every site that we maintain. On HTML sites these site maps need to be created routinely and resubmitted manually, whereas on a WordPress website there are numerous applications that consume very little memory and will refresh your WordPress website on a daily or even more frequent basis. If you have a smaller midsize business in Chandler and you want a platform that you can have an Seo expert or other web marketing professional work with, you will find that WordPress is one of the most cost effective platforms for growing your web presence and your business on the web.

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We are often asked what is the Vantage to the website designed by My Favorite Web Designs as opposed to a website designed by another company. One of the skill sets that we bring to the table is coding all of our websites from scratch as opposed to using a premade template. This allows for websites that look completely unique and customized and do not have a cookie-cutter appearance. Another advantage to this approach is that our websites are lean and mean. By this I mean that they use are less code than other websites of a similar type. A good example is the stylesheet in our websites on average are stylesheets 12 to 300 lines of code. Many websites which are built using templates have 10,000 lines or more of just CSS. This is due to the fact that template websites have to be designed to prepare for many different eventualities and many different books whereas a custom website is only using the code that is needed to display the website how it is supposed display and does not have additional unneeded code, referred to as below. Google gives preference to websites without loaded code because they create a better user experience. They load faster and have less bugs due to less complexity and less waste.


Joshua Jacoby Owner And Founder Of My Favorite Web Designs

Hi! My name is Joshua Jacoby, and I started My Favorite Web Designs in 2009. We have a strong record of technical excellence, success for clients, great pricing and quality design. I have 14 years of graphic design experience & coding, which allows me to build and manage a very effective digital marketing team. We serve hundreds of clients across AZ and nationwide, and I personally help set strategy for each and every client and review every design and build. A great digital marketing presence involves thousands of different things done right, consistently, and the coordination and training it takes to create a team that can achieve that cannot be understated.

Thanks, Joshua Jacoby

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We are a terrific company to do business with. I personally believe in the value of each and every deal I do, each and every relationship I built. I know that if I do an amazing job on search engine optimization for a small business, that business will soon be a large business, and we will grow with them. If you are looking for a company to handle your Tempe website design and Seo I firmly believe that My Favorite Web Designs is the best option in the Tempe Arizona area due to our technical proficiency, dedication to ethical business practices and overall care for clients.

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