The Quest for the Best (Long-tail Keyword)

The Quest for the Best (Long-tail Keyword)

The Quest for the Best (Long-tail Keyword) The Quest for the Best (Long-tail Keyword) Here are some facts on why long-tail keywords work and how to best go about finding them. Phoenix, AZ In the world of Search Engine Optimization(SEO),…

Why Blog As Part of Your Marketing Plan

Why Blog? As Part of your Phoenix Company's Digital Marketing Plan

Why Blog As Part of Your Marketing Plan Why Blog As Part of Your Marketing Plan? While many business owners understand how important a website is to their business, far fewer understand the value of a well maintained blog to…

SEO Tips For Landing Pages That You Can Actually Use

seo landing page tips

SEO For Landing Pages That You Can Actually Use Landing page advice is endless, and varied. Much of it centers on horrifyingly boring topic matter like “consider the user interaction flow and how it funnels” or “ask yourself how your…

How a CRM Can Help Your Social Media Strategy

CRM prospect management for your Mesa, Arizona, social media strategy

How a CRM Can Help Your Social Media Strategy Social media has become an outstanding force for driving business activity in recent years – but managing social media for a company is no simple task. A social CRM can help…

8 Most Common Mistakes Companies Make When Doing Their Own SEO

common mistakes business managers make when doing their own search engine optimization

8 Most Common Mistakes Companies Make When Doing Their Own SEO As a professional website design and search engine optimization company, we often work with clients to do SEO. A Mesa Arizona SEO company has many components with which it…

Website designed for an artist In Surprise, Arizona

Site, Graphics, coding all on wordpress content management system. optimized for fast load times and search engine rankings

Website designed for an artist In Surprise, Arizona by My Favorite Web Designs This website is designed for an artist located in surprise, Arizona. She needed a website that had content management functionality so that she would be able to…

Phoenix Business Web Design And SEO

AZ Wordpress website designed for a business broker in phoenix who needed a custom website for his business that was affordable and mobile friendly

Phoenix Business Website Design And SEO Project This website was designed and coded by hand by Joshua Jacoby, the owner of My Favorite Web Designs, a specialist in websites developed for mobile friendliness and user experience. Created for the owner…

WordPress web design with e-commerce by woocommerce for Gilbert Arizona business

A wordpress website with e-commerce functionality designed and developed by My Favorite Web Designs for a Gilbert Arizona business

A WordPress Website Designed And Developed With Woocommerce E-commerce Platform For a Gilbert Business Doing website design for companies that have e-commerce integrated into their website requires more consideration than simply designing a portfolio type site for a small business…

Some Of Our Best New SEO Techniques From 2015

Some Of Our Best New SEO Techniques From 2015 This is been a very interesting year for search engine optimization companies in Arizona. Many different changes in the way that Google’s algorithm ranks websites have continued to force the technology…

Amy Koch Website Design Project

Custom Real Estate MLS Search Web Design Project For Amy Koch

Website Design Project for Amy Koch Presenting our latest AZ website design by My Favorite Web Designs, created for Realtor Amy Koch in Arizona. This website uses the flexmls idx plugin, and integrates plugin capabilities with customized and dynamic iframes…

Google Helpouts Really Helpout

**********Update On This Post 10/10/15*********** So, Google has shut down helpouts. Never mind that it was an incredible place to exchange information, promoting cross cultural communication, learning and engagement. Or the fact that they only had it open about 1…

Good Bye WP E-commerce, Hello WooCommerce

Arizona WooCommerce E-commerce Website Development help by Joshua Jacoby!

Good Bye WP E-commerce, Hello Woocommerce! So, let me preface this article by saying that I have been amongst the most ardent of the WP E-commerce devotees. I was rooting for the team at Get Shopped when they had issues…

Questions And Answers From A Newbie DIY WPer

You answered this question on 02/25/14 Rating:   Knowledgeability Clarity of Response Politeness Nomination? 10 10 10 No Comment:   I asked many questions and Joshua answered each one thoroughly and promptly. Questioner: Al Category: WordPress Private: No Subject: WordPress…

WordPress Web Design for Depoy Studios in Phoenix

Custom Wordpress Web Design for Depoy Studios in Phoenix Arizona

WordPress Web Design for Depoy Studios in Phoenix This photographer needed a website designed to match her brand. It needed a dark color, so as to emphasize the vivid color in the pictures. the website had to be built on…

Chandler Search Engine Optimization By My Favorite Web Designs

Chandler Search Engine Optimization By My Favorite Web Designs

Chandler Search Engine Optimization By My Favorite Web Designs Chandler is an incredibly fast growing city located near Phoenix Arizona. When I first started my business in 2009, many of the companies and homes that are now in South Chandler…

Website Designed For Sapphire Pools AZ

Sapphire Pools, Custom Mesa Wordpress Theme by My Favorite Web Designs

Designing and Crafting A Site For A Craftsman Ted Miller is not your ordinary pool builder. He has been doing high end custom reflecting pools and negative edge pools for over a decade, and some of his work adorns the…

Arizona Photography Services by My Favorite Web Designs

Arizona Photography Services by My Favorite Web Designs

AZ Photography Services by My Favorite Web Designs Video Transcript Joshua Jacoby of My Favorite Web Designs: “My Favorite Web Designs also offers photography. Photography is very necessary for any online marketing program because it helps to illustrate the points…

My Favorite Web Designs Approach To Design and Development

Gilbert Search Engine Optimization

My Favorite Web Designs Approach To Design and Development Video Transcript “Hello, this is Josh with ‘My Favorite Web Designs’ of Mesa, Arizona. And I wanted to talk to you today about our design process. One of the questions that…

Hummingbird Ups The Search Ante

SEO Tips For The Hummingbird Algorithm Update So, Thursday September 26th, Google has revealed the fact that a new algorithm has been running for a month. For people not in the industry, you may wonder why there had not…

The Bornmann Law Group Project

SEO & Wordpress Website Redesign for The Bornmann Law Group In Mesa

The Bornmann Law Group Web Design Project The Bornmann Law Group WordPress website was designed by My Favorite Web Designs using HTML CSS and PHP to create a custom theme for this law group’s internet presence. Custom wordpress themes are…

Hess Flying School

Hess Flying School Tempe Web Design and SEO Project

Hess Flying School Website Project This website was done for Mark Hess, a flight instructor in Mesa Arizona. Mark opened a business focused on teaching aspiring pilots, due to his own successes with flying and his love of the topic….

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Cadiente Plumbing

Mesa Wordpress Website Design and SEO for Cadiente Plumbing AZ

Cadiente Plumbing Website Project Service industry professionals need websites that are able to accommodate their new projects and showcase their new offerings. WordPress is an ideal medium to design such a site, as it has terrific SEO properties and lends…

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Adrianna’s Cleaning Service

Adrianas Cleaning Service Mesa Wordpress Web Design

Adrianna’s Cleaning Service This Mesa cleaning business needed a website that showcased their commitment to their service and inspired confidence in their customers. It needed to have a feminine design, and be well suited for galleries, so that it could…

Josh Jacoby Discusses SEO Services in Phoenix

Josh Jacoby Discusses SEO Services in Phoenix Locations that we service Today we look on video at the differences in services offered by My Favorite Web Designs, such as the packages for SEO and how we deliver that service specifically….

New Types of Social Media Accounts

Social Media management in addition to website design for well rounded web marketing programs

New Types of Social Media Accounts Video Transcript Josh Jacoby, My Favorite Web Designs: My Favorite Web Designs is a Mesa, Arizona web design and search engine optimization company. We were founded three years ago in 2009. We’ve done over…

Recommendations When Making A YouTube Video

Recommendations When Making A YouTube Video Video is an Effective Marketing Strategy Adding a YouTube video to your site is a highly effective marketing strategy for search engine optimization because search engines love video content. Keywords in your video will…

Social Media For Business

Social Media For Business There are now over a billion Facebook accounts. Does that mean that your business should be on Facebook? I think so. I recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest and I have accounts there (and elsewhere)…

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Microdata and Other Advantages of Designer and Developers in SEO

Microdata and Other Advantages of Designer and Developers in SEO Video Transcription

Why Is WordPress So Awesome?

Wordpress Website Dashboard

Why Is WordPress So Awesome? Video Transcription Joshua Jacoby, WordPress Web Designer: “My Favorite Web Designs is a Mesa Arizona Web Design and Search Engine Optimization company. We specialize in WordPress because it’s the most awesome platform there is. If…

Elite Builders

Elite Builders Custom Wordpress Web Design

Elite Builders Elite Builders is a custom home building company in Colorado that needed a website. The owner, Joshua Hector, is a friend of mine from my days as the marketing director of Capuzzo Construction, and he turned to me…

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Cyber Coverage, It’s A Whole New World

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

Cyber Coverage, It’s A Whole New World There was a time, in fact not quite that long ago, most business was conducted with a storefront, a telephone with several 800 lines to take orders and if you wanted to expand…

3 Types Of WordPress Plugins That Can Hurt Your SEO

3 Types Of WordPress Plugins That Can Harm Your Search Engine Rankings WordPress plugins can be the best thing you ever add to a blog, or they can completely destroy your blog or website. Here we are some of the…

Why Does Hosting Need To Be Optimized For WordPress?


Neil asks: Why Should Hosting Be Optimized For WordPress Websites? Hey Neil, does not do standard hosting: they are very expensive. You should also never use their free service, as those things are deleted regularly. Self hosted wordpress…

5 Very Actionable Tips For SEO You Don’t Hear A Lot But Really Should

5 Great Tips For Search Engine Optimization You Don’t Hear A Lot But Really Should

5 Very Actionable Tips For SEO You Don’t Hear A Lot But Really Should 1. NOT YO MAMA’s SITEMAPS Make sure, in addition to submitting a sitemap, you also submit a video sitemap, post sitemap, pages sitemap, sitemapindex, images sitemap,…

How To Perform SEO For A Roofing Contractor

Search Engine Optimization For Roofers As a local SEO company in Arizona, we have many small business contracting outfits, and with microbursts and monsoons, Arizona is a popular place for the roofing trade. One of the lessons we have learned…

WordPress 3.4.2 Upgrade to 3.5!

URGENT UPDATE!!! ATTENTION WORDPRESS 3.5 USERS AND POTENTIAL USERS – WP 3.5 Does not break the redirection plugin! Did you see this??? Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in Evidently, redirection must be using it, it seems to have affected…

Malibu Pool Service and Repair

Malibu Pool Service Chandler Wordpress Webdesign

WordPress Website Design For Malibu Pool Service And Supply Company This website was built in the same manner as many of my sites, with a few unique design tweaks. As My Favorite Web Designs was also hired to do search…

Should I Have More Than One Facebook For My Company? NO!

Using Social Media To Establish A Brand And Protect Against SEO Penalties

More Than One Facebook Per Company? The Advantages Of Consistent Branding With Social Media It may be most advantageous to do one facebook for the following reason: Lets say someone get 5000 fans. Lets say those 5000 people each has…

The EMD Penalty And What My SEO Company Learned

The Exact Match Domain Penalty – The EMD Penalty On Septemper 28th, 2012, Google rolled out a new penalty. The stated target of the penalty was exact match domains, particularly lower quality websites created for the purpose of targeting specific…

The Bornmann Law Group

Mesa Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer Website and SEO

The Bornmann Law Group

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Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C.

Mesa business lawyers web design and seo

Website Designed For Gunderson, Denton & Peterson of Mesa, Arizona Gunderson, Denton & Peterson is a law firm in Mesa, Arizona handling legal issues such as immigration, business, litigation, franchise, estate and many other areas of law. The Firm has…

Paramount Roofing

Paramount Roofing Mesa AZ Roofing Company

This website design was done for a Mesa, Arizona roofing contractor by My Favorite Web Designs. Unfortunately, the contractor ended up going with a different site, but I think this was clearly a superior design. check it out and decide…

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Amack Law

Amack Law Wordpress Webdesign Chandler Arizona

This website was actually one of my favorite web sites to design and build as we were able to use my photography and a beautiful color scheme with grunge touches. I was also able to integrate the contact form into…

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Buckeye Real Estate

Buckeye real-estate wordpress design Arizona

Buckeye Real Estate

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AZ Family Law Lawyer

AZ Family Law Lawyer 2012 Website

AZ Family Law Lawyer This project was fun – My Favorite Web Designs designed slightly larger than usual, and used photos I have personally taken near my home in Mesa Arizona with my Nikon D5100. I incorporated a slideshow, added…

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Woodland Custom Beam Company

Arizona Ecommerce Website Woodland Beam Company

Woodland Custom Beam Company Woodland custom beam company required an AZ website design that allowed them to prominently showcase their product, educate the consumer on what the product was and how it was made, and allow the consumer to purchase…

Temperature Masters WordPress Website Design

Phoenix air conditioner contractor wordpress web design

This web design and seo project was performed for a Glendale, Arizona AC contractor by My Favorite Web designs. I designed everything personally including the logo and the slideshow, and built out the website in wordpress. For anyone with any…

Victory Home Care

Mesa Arizona wordpress web designer Victory Homecare
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A Wordpress Website designed and developed by Arizona Wordpress Expert Joshua Jacoby

Custom Website Designed And Developed On The WordPress Plaftom For Arizona Roof Rescue This website was designed and developed for Arizona Roof Rescue by My Favorite Web Designs of Mesa, AZ. We created the graphics from scratch in Adobe Photoshop,…

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My Direct AZ

Direct TV Ecommerce Website Arizona

This website was designed by My Favorite Web Designs for a direct tv retailer in Mesa, Arizona this business needed a website that was able to showcase its products and was search engine friendly. The graphical aspect of the job…

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Number One On The List

Number One On The List New York

Another WordPress website by Joshua Jacoby, owner of My Favorite Web Designs. A professional wordpress designer knows the value of an easy content management system, and this Arizona web designer is no exception. Featuring dynamic updating testimonials, smooth slider for…

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My Favorite Web Designs rebuilt a search engine friendly website for PJO Insurance Brokerage and we perform monthly seo services for PJO Insurance Brokerage. Before we started the monthly seo services for PJO, they were not found on the first…



Wordpress E-commerce Web Design Done For A Customer In Apache Junction, AZ

WordPress E-commerce Website Design Designing Websites For Selling Online With WordPress The WordPress E-commerce Client This website design and development was done for a customer in Apache Junction, who also has a location in Seattle, Washington. The customer makes storage…

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I did this website for the Founder of the Asperger Parent Network, who is just a lovely person and really a force for good in the community. We needed a platform that was content managed, a website that we could…



A Thesis Wordpress Design, Customized thesis theme by My Favorite Web Designs of Mesa Arizon

A custom Wordpress theme, designed on top of the Thesis Wordpress theme. Custom Wordpress websites, where in the blogging platform is utilized as a CMS, are all the rage due to their almost unfair advantage over other websites in the search engines. Wordpress websites present owners with the unique ability to easily add SEO friendly content, and automate many of the more time consuming parts of optimizing a website for search/

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DiMino Enterprises

Dimino Enterprises Las Vegas Wordpress Design

DiMino Enterprises in Las Vegas Nevada Rock n Roll legend Frank Dimimo needed a website and we were more than happy to oblige. We were given the order to make it fresh and funky, use our imagination, which I love…

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a sports blog using a wordpress cms, featuring wp e-commerce. Created for a client in Scottsdale, Arizona

A sports blog utilizing a modified Wordpress theme and graphics by Joshua Jacoby of My Favorite Web Designs. The site was developed for a Scottsdale Arizona web design client. It features a fluid design, slideshow using Jquery, and a store selling t-shirts for the sporting events the site is actively promoting. The writer makes his profit via advertisements on the site, which I implemented for him. The site also has several SEO friendly features active, including syndication.

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Website Design by Mesa Arizona Web Designer Joshua Jacoby - Engineer Designer Wordpress Website, Thesis theme

This custom WordPress website was built for Ken Risley, owner of the Engineer Designer. Ken uses the very popular Thesis theme for his content management, which is really a nice CMS system. I personally prefer to design and code my…

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PJO Insurance Brokerage

PJO Insurance Brokerage Phoenix Web Design

Website Designed For Insurance Broker In Scottsdale / Phoenix Designing a website for an insurance agent has many of the same requirements as creating a web presence for any other type of company. Insurance agents to educate their clientele about…

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This website was designed for a Realtor in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Website Designed for a Real Estate Agent in North Scottsdale, Arizona. The website integrates with the FLEX MLS seamlessly, and has a custom contact form for doing so. The graphics and design were a huge success, the site is very popular.

“My husband Rob and I proudly recommend Josh Jacoby for his web design services. He recently created a custom logo, business card design, and and website from scratch ( for our growing real estate business. He contributed creative ideas from both a design and marketing perspective.

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Bankruptcy Attorney SEO For Fife Cesta Law, PLC Search Engine Otpimization On A Bankruptcy Website In Arizona One of the biggest challenges with legal website is garnering trust from search engines. The legal field, due to the often excessive profits…



I recently designed and donated a website for a two year old girl who is battling cancer. If you would like to donate towards her medical fund, you can do so through the website or her parents have set up…


WordPress Website Search Optimization

WordPress Website Search Optimization While My Favorite Web Designs can do optimization on any kind of website, there are very clear and distinct advantages to doing optimization on a WordPress platform. Be warned the data presented here is of a…


Designed using wordpress, this website was a rush design for Sampair bankruptcy law, an Arizona company

A law firm headquartered out of Peoria Arizona, the bankruptcy office also has a location in Mesa. They needed a rush wordpress website design in Arizona, and located My Favorite Web Designs to help. I personally set the site up…

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Website Designed for a custom wood box beam business

Website design for a custom box beam company in Scottsdale Arizona. This company needed a forum to showcase their spectacular projects, and this site fit the bill perfectly. Created from scratch with pop up thumbnails, a website slideshow, custom graphic design, email newsletter sign up integration, and a lot of search engine optimization built in from the ground up. This site ranks third nationally for Box Beams, and has been responsible for almost 300,000 worth of sales.

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The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta

Fife Cesta Bankruptcy Attorneys Website Mesa Arizona

The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta This Mesa Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney contacted My Favorite Web Designs for help with their SEO. One thing I noticed when working with their site was that the WordPress theme was circa 2006, and…



A cool website design, done for a private detective in Scottsdale, Arizona who does surveillance and other investigation activities. Uses pretty standard features, including the cool custom background, a widgetized sidebar, social media links, and the content boxes are made…




This website started as a WordPress site design, a free download. The customer had a few needs for modifying and setting up the template, which was no problem for My Favorite Web Designs chief designer and developer, Joshua Jacoby. Josh…

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This website had an interesting need that required thinking outside the box in order to solve. The website was a standard wordpress build but the client had a very unique request. They had a movie they wanted to play on…


Website Design And Development For HCG Momma

A Wordpress website designed for a local Mesa, Arizona E-tailer, e-marketing hCG diet products. The site features E-commerce, Slideshows, CMS, significant search potential and a kick ass attractive CSS design.

Web development, graphic design and build out by web designer Joshua Jacoby of Mesa Arizona. As always, all work is done in house, no outsourcing, ever.

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Arizona WordPress Designer Custom WordPress Sites Provide SEO Advantages Converting A Website To WordPress For SEO Benefit As an Arizona WordPress Designer, I often run into situations where a site can be optimized in HTML, but if we are doing…



Social Media Website Designed And Developed By Mesa Arizona Website Designer And Developer Joshua Jacoby

Buddypress social networking site, running on a wordpress core. Has a custom rating system, user accounts, avatars, profile pages, friends requests, groups, posting from the front end, sort by popular, date, author, etc… Also features a Jquery slider, added by this web designer to enable the site owner to sell ad space.

Website Design and Development by Joshua Jacoby of Mesa Arizona, Owner of My Favorite Web Designs.

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JA Drafting and Design needed a custom website that could effectively communicate with their customers. John needed a dynamic custom website that could easily be updated to reflect the latest design projects, FAQs, and other data his customers might need. The ideal website would be designed on a Wordpress platform, as a CMS. SEO friendly, designed with an intelligent data architecture, this custom website is perfectly poised to take advantage of our SEO service!

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ClinicaReal Arizona Wordpress Web Designer

ClinicaReal in Arizona ClinicaReal is a local Arizona chiropractic office run by doctor Keith stone. Doctor Stone has been a chiropractor in Arizona for over 20 years. Their business had an outdated website that needed to be revamped for search…

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This website started as a fully functioning volusion shopping cart template. My changes were not gigantic, but then again, they were. First, I needed to add Jquery support to the Volusion template, without violating HTTPS. I also needed to bring…


Arizona Search Engine Optimization

Arizona Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization, also know as SEO, is an extremely important aspect in helping your website be found in the popular search engines by potential clients, using Key Words! A Key Word can be any word…

Professional Arizona Web Development and Search Engine Optimization

seo Mesa money now title loans

Professional Arizona Web Development and Search Engine Optimization While anyone can know and understand HTML and ama coding, a professional graphic designer is necessary to build your website or blog site at it’s full potential, offering a tasteful looking, quality…

WPEC wordpress e-commerce bug found and fixed

WP E-commerce replaced as the ecommerce platform of choice by Woocommerce

WPEC wordpress e-commerce bug found and fixed So, I needed to import 2300 products to the cart. No surprise, the packaged importer just kept saying setting saved, but never actually imported anything. So, I went and purchased the deluxe product…

The Importance of Arizona Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of Arizona Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of Arizona Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Businesses based in Arizona are likely looking towards the internet as the source of their future advertising campaigns. At the core of any such campaign will be a well-crafted website…

The Top 5 Things A SEO Company Needs An Awesome Website Company To Do


The Top 5 Things A SEO Company Needs An Awesome Website Company To Do In the new world of Arizona search engine optimization, there are many techniques that only a web design professional can take advantage of. Here are the…

Insuring Web Design Businesses With Arizona Professional Liability Insurance

Insuring Web Design Businesses With Arizona Professional Liability Insurance Arizona Professional Liability Insurance Building a web design business from the ground up is indeed an accomplishment. But is it enough to ascertain the success and financial soundness of the enterprise?…

How To Do Local SEO In Mesa Arizona

How To Do Local SEO In Mesa Arizona All Mesa SEO rests on the quality of the content. Whatever your site, whomever your target audience, the quality, originality and presentation of your content will determine your visibility. This is not…

Wayne Gardner Law

Wayne Gardner Web Design Mesa
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Custom Imaging Studios

Print Photo Canvas Ecommerce Web Design
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The Bridge Church

Bridge Church Web Design Gilbert Arizona

The Bridge Church in Gilbert Arizona This was the Chandler Arizona Baptist Church that needed a website designed to showcase their church and the work that they do in the community. It was a simple WordPress site, with a few…

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Americare Hospice

Americare Hospice Website Mesa

Americare Hospice This is a project done for a local Mesa Arizona business. We love doing projects for local small businesses since we see these website design customers over and over again and out about around town. This hospice needed…

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Budget My Build

Budget My Build Web Design Scottsdale

Budget My Build Budget my build is a website 4 people looking to get cost on their upcoming construction projects. It gives users the ability to login and to register for the site. This is a tremendous way to build…

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Thin Blue Line Arizona Car Service

TBL Car Service Scottsdale Web Designer And SEO

This website was built for thin blue line car service, an Arizona car service. This company started from scratch with a brand new domain we advised them purchase, and brand new social media accounts including a brand new Facebook. this…

Kevron Homes

Kevron Homes Arizona Contractor

This is 1 of the first website ever built using jQuery PHP in HTML it actually does not use the wordpress content management system, though if I were to design it again today it would. it does employ some search…

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Energy Roofers

Energy Roofers Webdesign Camp Verde

Energy Roofers – A Northern Arizona Roofing Company Energy roofers is a roofing contractor in northern Arizona that does residential and commercial roofing. They needed a website to showcase their work and bring in new clients from the web. Many…

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Scottsdale and Phoenix drafting professional website. This site is due to be rebuilt by mid April, and SEO will commence in May.


Remembering Angels

Remembering Angels AZ Webdesign

This website was designed for a small business in Mesa Arizona that specializes in taking care of a loved ones final resting place. The business was just launching and needed a brand and an internet presence. We designed the website…

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NCIC Phoenix Arizona Wordpress Design

Website Designed For Commercial Contractor NCIC is a coatings contractor in Arizona that does industrial and commercial coatings for mines and other structures that need coating or reinforcement. They need it is simple website that could showcase there construction talents…

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Elettromedia USA

Elettromedia USA Website

This high end audio company needed a wordpress website in order that their dealers would have the ability to login to a dealer Administration area. This was particularly challenging as the company was managing 100 of dealers in almost every…

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Infiniti Custom Homes

Infiniti Custom Homes Gilbert Arizona

This is 1 of the first web sites that I ever did. It was made using HTML CSS JavaScript and PHP. This was a cool project, it really was fun. We used pics from the houses he had built and…

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Natural Choice Clinic of Mesa, Arizona - Website Design and Development by

Natural Choice Clinic located in Mesa, Arizona. This naturopathic clinic does cutting edge work with patients using non invasive or destructive holistic methods, and they needed a web design that reflected that. Their results are spectacular, and we are going to help them show this to the world. I created and awesome SEO friendly design with lots of goodies, and am beginning the SEO package shortly. This site has an automatically configured program which tracks keywords in the search engines, and checks their rank every few days, keeping an graph. Pretty neat!

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Malibu Pool Service

Malibu Pool Service Chandler Arizona

Web Design And SEO For A Queen Creek Business Malibu pool service is the local East Valley Arizona full service company. They do service and repair and they needed a website to tell the public about it. to give a…

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Website and SEO for holistic clinic in Chandler, Arizona. The website is built using a wordpress content management systyem, for maximum search engine readability and rankings.



SEO performed for a contractor in Scottsdale Arizona. We also search engine optimized for Cave Creek, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix and surrounding areas.